Roll Call, where are all the Badass Women?

I figured I would start my first blog post with a roll call.

Where are all the badass women who claim to be fearless, stubborn, clever, and loyal? I am looking for the women who stand up for themselves, who go after what they want or die trying, who treat their friends like family and always put their family first. Who don’t call their friends when they have the time but make the time to be with friends. You know the girl I mean. The one that demands respect, respectfully. The one that will stand up for a total stranger just to do what’s right. The one who uses labels like friend, leader, and hero appropriately.

As I wander through adult hood I have come across many who wear the mask of this rare badass persona but rarely, if ever, have I seen any remnant of badass after the mask comes off. Is this a trend? Maybe it’s cool to be a badass, for now, but not cool enough to bet the farm and make a total transformation now? Let’s try on this mask for a while and see how I feel? Nope. Badass is not a trend, it is not something you can sorta be. Being a badass is an all or nothing, get up or get out of the way, be honest or I honestly don’t care, ┬áloving loyal kind of soul. A badass would rather be lonely than sacrifice a drop of their soul for a relationship that’s anything less than genuine and sincere.

If you think you are a badass do not leave a comment. If you know you are a badass I beg you to leave a comment! Tell me what it’s like to be your badass self and PLEASE tell me how you found your tribe!

boxing girl

Honesty, Honestly?

Are you an honest person? I am. I am one of the most honest people you will meet. Straight shooter, no BS, honest to the core. People compliment me on this ability to tell it how it is all the time. And you would think this would help me build amazing relationships with people, that I would be dripping with friends since almost every damn person on this planet complains that people can’t be trusted. Nope, apparently honesty is only admirable as long as it doesn’t expose ones delusional state of bliss. You know what I mean. People want you to be honest with them until it exposes their reality, their weaknesses, their imperfections. At that point your honesty becomes offensive.

Maybe you think to yourself this honesty stuff is not all that beneficial. Perhaps a white lie here and there is what you need for relationships to exist.

OR maybe their inability to handle a perspective other than their own is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Maybe you have leveled up and are miles beyond stroking someones ego in order to gain their approval. You are not the pain in the ass that can’t get along with others! Do not let other peoples insecurities get in the way of being who you are! You are a person who believes honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit and I am here to tell you that there are people that truly, HONESTLY, appreciate that about you!

I may not be perfect, but I am honest.quotes-of-honesty